Our personnel specialists can locate the personnel you need to keep your company running smoothly, ranging from executive and administrative assistants to accounting specialists to customer service representatives.

our services Finding the right people for your office, administrative, and accounting positions is a difficult task. When you use our services, you can be certain that the people we find for you will be able to accomplish the job. Our recruiters focus on recruiting for office, administrative, and accounting roles, and we're confident that you'll find the right people for your position through us. To accomplish this, we combine the latest sourcing technologies with human insight and expertise in order to deliver the right candidates for your organisation.

customer service staffing

We take great pride in delivering excellent customer service. We employ call centre agents, order processors, data entry workers, contact centre employees, and account managers to represent our firm. When selecting a company, the most important thing is to ensure you are represented by the best workers. We are meticulous in observing the quality of our services so that our clients are satisfied.

administartive staffing

You can rely on KalonGens to provide you with dedicated administrative staffing consultants. Our staffing experts specialise in finding the right people for the job, someone who will fit in with the company culture and perform the job properly. We offer receptionists, office managers, contact tracers, word processors, and executive assistants to organisations.

non-clinical healthcare staffing

Across a broad spectrum of medical facilities and patient care settings, our non-clinical healthcare staffing specialists provide a wide range of temporary and permanent support personnel. Our experts match you with administrative support, front-office, and back-office professionals to ensure that patient-care processes remain efficient and profitable for your organisation.

acounting and finance staffing

We're pros in the staffing business, and our specialists conduct interviews and in-depth assessments to guarantee you get the appropriate people for your needs. KalonGens supplies accounting and finance professionals for the supportive jobs that influence your bottom line. Accountants, credit and collections employees, payroll supervisors, and accounting supervisors are just a few of the accounting and finance experts that we provide to organizations.

Common roles we fill

accounts payable

account receivable

administrative assistant

credit manager

collection clerk

customer service rep

general clerk

executive assistant


expert support for all your staffing challenges

We can help you retool your sourcing strategy so that you can source from passive candidate pools as well as grow your network.

Find and assess talent— We can assist you in developing a sourcing strategy that will allow you to land higher-quality candidates.

Slowing the revolving door— We can assist you with identifying methods to reduce turnover and improve retention.

Develop a staffing strategy— We'll help you create a staffing plan that will allow you to anticipate your hiring needs.

Why employer choose us

how often does KalonGens communicate with candidates?

We consistently check in with our workforce to monitor their development and ensure they are comfortable with their job. We're also ready to assist if they have any questions or concerns about their new job. Keeping employee satisfaction high is advantageous for both employees and employers. Employees who are satisfied are more productive, more engaged, and more faithful, which is why we strive to keep morale high.

what benefits does kalongens offer to candidates?

We offer robust benefits and compensation packages to all of our employees, including 401(k) plans, flexible health benefits so employees may choose the services that best suit their budgets and needs, and extra perks like gym memberships, store discounts, and more. Mobile timekeeping technology allows our employees to log hours and apply for new jobs quickly and easily, in addition to providing benefits that provide stability and prevent distracting distractions. Since our employees are free to focus on their work, we provide benefits that provide stability and prevent distracting distractions.

should i make a direct hire or a temporary one?

If you’re looking to fill a short-term vacancy, you should consider hiring a temporary employee. Whether or not you want a direct or temporary employee depends on your company's needs. A temp or temp-to-hire worker might be a good choice if you need to find a replacement for someone on parental leave or if you’re anticipating a surge in business. Because there's less commitment and more time to evaluate candidates, it's a good option if you need to find someone right away. On the other hand, if you'd like to fill mostly leadership positions, you should consider a direct hire. It gives you access to a larger pool of potential candidates, both active and passive job seekers. KalonGens can assist you with whatever path you choose.