misconduct reporting procedure

A serious issue of workplace misconduct is taken seriously by KalonGens to protect our employers, employees, and contractors. KalonGens expects all of its employees and contractors to behave responsibly and in accordance with our Business Principles at all times. Acting ethically, with integrity, and in accordance with local legislation and KalonGens internal policies is part of this process.

Whom you can talk to locally

  • We encourage you to discuss workplace misconduct with your manager or supervisor if you suspect it or have evidence of it.
  • Talk to your HR manager, HR business partner, risk and audit manager, or legal counsel if this is not possible.
  • For fraud, data breaches, abuse of personal data, competition law, or other compliance-related issues, please write to support@kalongens.com.

Reporting using a group reporting facility

  • The KalonGens reporting facility can be used if you feel that reporting a workplace misconduct incident locally will be inappropriate or ineffective or put you in a compromised position.
  • It is best to contact the Integrity Line, even anonymously if you wish, and provide as much information as possible. We greatly appreciate it if you reveal your identity when reporting, as this greatly facilitates the investigation.
  • Your message will be forwarded to the Local Integrity Officer, who will investigate your report confidentially and ensure that all reports are handled in a fair and lawful manner.

Any investigation’s results will not be revealed to anyone other than those with a legitimate business reason to know. Local Integrity Officers may decide not to investigate reports if there is insufficient information or there is an indication that they have been made in bad faith. False accusations may result in disciplinary action.

If you participated in workplace misconduct, you will not automatically be protected if you report it through the Integrity Line. KalonGens has a strict policy of non-retaliation against people who report workplace misconduct under this policy.