Fraud Alert

KalonGens values your privacy and security. We will not ask job candidates to:

  • Purchase gift cards or any other product or service
  • Provide sensitive financial information, such as bank account or credit card numbers, passwords, or PINs
  • Fees for recruitment must be paid
  • Send money using mobile payment apps or digital wallets
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • We or any third party may advance cash or checks to us
  • Checks from any source can be cashed
  • Interview via Telegram
  • Contact people (e.g. via email, letter, phone, social media) about a “suitable position” (either a real KalonGens job opening or a fake one);
  • Placing fake job ads on (employment) websites using the KalonGens name to tempt people to contact them.


Unless we are processing a background check prior to offer and acceptance, we will use a secure portal to collect personal data before we send you to a separate website.

Candidates will not be offered jobs or asked to apply through instant messaging services. On any instant messaging service, we will not ask for any government identification numbers, such as Social Security numbers, banking information, or payment information. We will not post jobs on freelance platforms, and we will not connect with job applicants through such platforms.

What to Do if you suspect Fraud

Please contact us immediately at if you become aware of misuse or fraud attempts involving the KalonGens.

Additional resources – Federal Trade Commission

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